Exit Dome 4

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Exit Dome 4 will be here on 1/29/11. It'll be an awesome night of Local 518 music to benefit WEXT, the radio station that has become the home of local music in the Capital District.

These special concerts have become not only wonderful events, but have sparked a special vibe all their own. If you've been to one in the past, you know just how special it can be. Hanging out with your fellow listeners and Local 518 lovers is only a part of it. To be able to do that and to be able to meet the great musicians of the community who make the music we love really brings the event up a notch.

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If you haven't made it to an Exit Dome show yet, this is the one to come to. Bryan Thomas is set to play tunes for you as you enter the Dome starting about 1/2 hour before the show begins. The concert will start at 730p straight up. You'll be part of a live audience for the radio broadcast, and on stage will be:

Slender Shoulders
The Rodeo Barons
Que Caro
Nancy Walker
Charlie Watts Riots

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Bryan Thomas will fill the void from the entryway as each band sets up to take the stage. Essentially, once the music starts, it won't stop all night long. And yet, there will be plenty of time to mill about and meet your favorite Local 518 musicians, buy their CDs (yeah...they're not getting paid to play this show! It's up to us to support the bands and buy the CDs - thanks!).

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