"5 Days of Bell" on Stax at Sunrise

Feb 27, 2018

Dave Michaels chats with one of the Stax Records originators; the legendary Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter William Bell!  

William Bell was an early signing of Stax; the same legendary label that later released recordings by Otis Redding, Sam and Dave, Isaac Hayes, and The Staple Singers. Bell’s 1961 solo debut for Stax Records, “You Don’t Miss Your Water (Until Your Well Runs Dry),” became one of the fledgling label’s first major hits. The song is now considered one of the finest early examples of soul music, and was covered by many artists, including Otis Redding and The Byrds.

Tune in at 6:30am Monday, February 26 through Friday March 2, for "5 Days of Bell" during Stax at Sunrise and hear Dave chat with Mr. Bell about the competitiveness among the writers and performers at Stax, late night recording sessions with Booker T. Jones, the mark "The Blues Brothers" left on soul music and the death of "The Big O".  We'll also play one of Mr. Bell's great songs each morning!  

Every day, Dave will post his conversation here, so be sure to check in daily!  

Monday on "5 Days of Bell":

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Friday on "5 Days of Bell":

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A very special thank you to Mr. William Bell, Stax Records and Concord Music

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