Jay Bobbin's Exit to the Movies: "10 Best Movies of 2017"

Jan 1, 2018

Credit Warner Bros. Pictures

“Atomic Blonde”: The furiously paced action movie that proves you don’t want to run into an angry Charlize Theron on a staircase.

“The Big Sick”: A wonderful, fact-based story of just how far love can go.


“Dunkirk”: Director Christopher Nolan’s take on World War II is a stunning, original view.


“Get Out”: Jordan Peele’s stunning social satire, as well as a thriller, that will be talked about for years.


“The Hero”: The project that the great Sam Elliott was born for. That is all.


“It”: Proof that Stephen King a remains potent force in the movies.


“Lady Bird”: There’s nothing that isn’t great about writer-director Greta Gerwig’s profile of a teen’s life.


“Logan Lucky”: Crime-caper fun in the “Ocean’s Eleven” tradition from the same director, Steven Soderbergh.


“Star Wars: The Last Jedi”: Not just the latest chapter of an iconic series, but a hugely entertaining film on its own.


“Wonder Woman”: An enormous hit, and the first movie in a while to get the DC Comics universe totally right.