The Kamikaze Hearts Wish WEXT Happy 10th Birthday!

Jul 7, 2017

Ten years ago, on 07-07-07, WEXT began its quest to leave regular radio behind.  When you joined us on the journey on that fateful day, the first song you heard was by a great Local 518 band known as The Kamikaze Hearts.  We chose to play their song "Ash Wednesday" as the first song - it was to signify that local music and the musicians who create it was paramount to our mission. It still is - ten years later!

The band that launched WEXT stopped by to help us celebrate our 10th birthday. They brought along some very rare live recordings, and we pestered them about a reunion - it's been 5 years since their last one. We sure hope they will find a way...  In the meantime, enjoy this conversation, and the groovy live tracks!  It's a stroll down memory lane, and we love it!