Listen: Jackie Greene Live @ EXT

Oct 30, 2017

Credit WEXT

In this Live@EXT session, hear Jackie Greene, the one-time member of Black Crowes and Trigger Hippy talk about the impetus for creating two EP's, recording solo in a noisy Brooklyn basement and  growing up; "It sounds like a country song, but it's true," Jackie says.  "My dad and mom split up when I was a kid and he left behind his acoustic guitar.  I don't know, maybe I was about 10.  I took piano lessons for a little while.  Took guitar lessons for about 2 months.  And the next thing I knew, I was playing in biker bars when I was 18." 

Jackie's latest creation, 'The Modern Lives – Vol 1' may tip its cap to some of his heroes and colleagues, but the sound is 100% his own. Recorded entirely by himself in a Brooklyn basement, the collection finds him playing every single instrument and serving as both his own engineer and producer. 

Jackie was, fittingly enough, staring at his phone, waiting for an Uber to arrive when the inspiration for "Modern Lives" struck.  Watch him perform it in our studio:

"Captain's Daughter"


Credit WEXT