Listen: Jesse Malin Live @ EXT

Oct 30, 2017

Jesse Malin and Derek Cruz
Credit WEXT

Americana treasure and New York punk troubadour Jesse Malin stopped by and talked to Dave Michaels about his early hardcore days before turning down the volume of his music.  "What I felt was we were playing out in these big venues, opening for these really big bands and everybody at that time wanted to mosh, the mosh pit, ya know", Jesse explains.  "I went back down to acoustic guitar.  I think there's a real connection between folk and punk because it's storytelling, it's folklore.  Ya know?  Woody Guthrie and Joe Strummer aren't that far apart." 

Jesse was also in attendance for what would be Tom Petty's final performance September 25th at the Hollywood Bowl.  "There was some real magic in there", he says.  "I had seen him before.  Lucinda (Williams) was great, but Tom had a special extra energy that I hadn't seen in a New York show when I've seen him.  Maybe it was something in the spirits that knew, but it had something I had never seen that was wonderful." 

He also talks about his friendship with Ryan Adams and collaborating and performing with Bruce Springsteen!

Credit WEXT