Listen: Live @ EXT Making Movies

Jun 27, 2018

The Kansas City Latin Alternative rockers Making Movies stopped by WEXT to perform and talk to Dave Michaels.   

Produced by Steve Berlin of Los Lobos, with guest appearances from Hurray for the Riff Raff and members of Tennis and Ozomatli, I Am Another You is the group’s second LP. It’s a bold mix of sounds: psychedelia, experimental rock, son cubano, cumbia and various rhythms descended from Yoruba music, an African tradition that slaves carried to the New World as part of religious rites that evolved into Santería. Clearly, Making Movies was messing with some powerful juju.

“We wondered if maybe we were trying to go too deep into these rhythms, like we weren’t qualified to be playing them,” says singer and guitarist Enrique Chi, who founded Making Movies with his brother Diego. Another pair of brothers, Juan-Carlos and Andres Chaurand, round out the band on percussion and drums, respectively.

Forbidden rhythms aren’t the only spiritual theme at work on I Am Another You. The album tells the story, in English and Spanish, of three young men suffering through separate life crises. Though one is from Venezuela, one is from Mexico and one is from the Midwest, the parallel challenges they face soon show them to be the same person. Their common experiences evoke the Mayan phrase “In Lak'Ech Ala K'In”, which translates as “I am another you, you are another me.”

Check out the official video for "Locura Colectiva":