New My Exit DJ Shows (Feb-Apr 2018)

Feb 13, 2018

We've been busy since the holidays recording and producing a bunch of new My Exit shows.  My Exit is where the listener is the DJ.  Would you like to be a My Exit DJ?  Click here to send email.  Here's the schedule of the upcoming My Exit programs.

2/19 John Schaefer
Media & marketing guru, and former pop and college radio DJ, John Schaefer, picked an eclectic array of songs that have meant a lot to him as he rediscovers his passion for finding new music.

2/26 Julie Lomoe
Author and artist, and sometime usher at the Troy Savings Bank Music Hall and The Egg, Julie, dropped by with a two-part special where she walks us through her life in Greenwich Village in the 1960s (part 1) all the way up to her attendance at Woodstock with her artwork for sale.

3/5 Julie Lomoe
In part two, Julie takes us through the less free and darker early 70s with a particular interest shown toward David Bowie and the Glam Rock artists popular then.

3/12 Heather Kovar
We are big fans of Heather's work at CBS6. Who knew that she played guitar, and had such a musical upbringing? We're even bigger fans. Wait until you hear this show!  Heather has everything from 70s pop to cool blues rock, and of course her faves - Counting Crows.

3/19 Chip Annello
Chip's love of music has definitely been something he passed on to his family. Chip's son is Local 518 guitarist Peter Annello.  Chip came in with a whole cool list. If you love music, you'll dig his show.

3/26 Tom Riley
Tom takes us on a trip to Ireland with an hour of traditional Irish melodies.

4/2 Jason Gough
Weatherman Jason Gough is about to embark upon a new tract in his broadcast career. He's been creating a new show for PBS that he hopes will play on stations across NYS.  He came in with his list of songs, and while his friends chided him on how it'd be all Rush all the time, he did manage to pull a varied and diverse list of tunes.
4/9 Gabe Boyd
Intrigued by radio broadcasting, Gabe came to intern at WEXT from Tech Valley High.  One of his first assignments was constructing his very own My Exit show.  Gabe's "Ride Home" is a musical journey of the thoughts and feelings that wash over him as he rides the bus home.

4/16 John Martin
John's My Exit pulls together some great songs that have made scenes in movies and TV shows all the better.  From 2001: A Space Odyssey to the TV show Friends, John found some iconic songs and pieces of music that really transformed the images on screen.